Unabridged Hànyǔ Dà Cídiǎn Index

Integrated with the ABC English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary, for use with Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese.

HDC Index book

Corrected, expanded, compiled and published by Wenlin Institute. Based on the ABC Chinese Dictionary Series print edition: An Alphabetical Index to the Hanyu Da Cidian by Victor H. Mair, Editor, Honolulu: University of Hawaiʻi Press, 2003.

This Wenlin ABC HDC dictionary database merges Wenlin’s electronic version of the Unabridged HDC Index together with the electronic ABC Chinese-English Dictionary, so that their combined information is available in a friendly, intuitive and powerful interface. Unabridged ABC focuses primarily on modern PRC Chinese vocabulary, with more than 202,000 entries. Unabridged HDC collects literary vocabulary from a wide array of print sources, with more than 366,000 entries. The combined Unabridged ABC+HDC dictionary database is an advanced research tool, with a combined total of more than 568,000 entries. Many ABC words (whether occurring in HDC or not) can be better understood with reference to HDC entries. Likewise, many HDC entries do not occur in ABC, but can be better understood in conjunction with ABC glosses. ABC+HDC look-ups will often lead to relevant information, either directly in Wenlin, or indirectly through Wenlin’s web-search features. If you have the 22-volume HDC set sitting on your bookshelf (or access to digital images of it), then you will find the information in that set infinitely more accessible to you, with unprecedented speed and precision.

The Unabridged HDC Index data was developed as an advanced research tool, for students and specialists investigating Chinese literature. Intermediate and advanced students faced with reading and understanding complex printed and electronic texts from a variety of historical periods will find this to be an indispensable resource. Teachers and students of Chinese, and researchers in many fields, including translators, historians, lexicographers, linguists, paleographers, philologists and classicists, confronting very difficult challenges in word identification and dictionary look-up, lexical variation, text segmentation, interpretation and translation, will all find this data to be extremely accessible and useful. For those who have a print edition of HDC, the Wenlin ABC HDC Index software edition provides alphabetical indexing to the more than 350,000 multisyllabic entries found in HDC. New 2016 software edition for use with Wenlin 4.3 Software for Learning Chinese.

IMPORTANT: For use with Wenlin 4.3 Software for Learning Chinese, this index does not include the HDC dictionary definitions. Like the printed HDC Index itself, it is especially for those who have access to the 22-volume HDC print edition. It also enables easy pinyin input and web search of all HDC words.

“I am delighted that the complete, single-sort alphabetical index to the Hanyu Da Cidian is being made available through Wenlin in an electronic edition. This is bound to be a boon to everyone with a serious interest in the study of Chinese language.”
—Victor H. Mair, Editor of the Index, ABC Chinese Dictionary Series Editor

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