《文林‧免费版》Wénlín Miǎnfèibǎn
Software for Learning Chinese, FREE Edition

Learn the standard way to write tens of thousands of Chinese characters.
Read and edit Chinese text. Get started learning basic Chinese vocabulary.

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《文林‧完整版》Wénlín Wánzhěngbǎn
Software for Learning Chinese, DELUXE Edition

Educational software for operating systems including Mac OS and Windows (and Linux, by special arrangement). A comprehensive tool for beginning students, life-long speakers, and scholars alike. It puts the power of the ABC Dictionary at your fingertips, along with a comprehensive character dictionary, providing information for more than 73,000 characters and more than 200,000 Chinese words and phrases. Instant access to expandable Chinese dictionaries, a full-featured text editor, and unique "flashcard" system, all in one intuitive environment.

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《汉英谚语词典》 Hàn-Yīng Yànyǔ Cídiǎn
ABC Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs, Software Edition

By Prof. John S. Rohsenow

New 2014 software edition (for use with Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese).

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