Running Wenlin Software on GNU/Linux

The versions of Wenlin that we publish without source code currently run natively on Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. For Wenlinux (TM), which runs on GNU/Linux, you need the source code, which is available to registered users for personal use by signed amendment to the license agreement (see developers). Wenlinux uses Java for the GUI, linked to the C code by JNI (Java Native Interface); it might take some tinkering with makefiles, etc., to get it compiled and running on your system. (For private use by Wenlin Institute, we also have a Wenlinux that runs on a web server.)

The MS-Windows version of Wenlin does run on Linux using Wine (Windows emulation software), although we do not officially support Wenlin running on Wine. (See also some old yet possibly still useful information at: Running Wenlin on Linux page (by Beirne Konarski, August 2003).