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Chinese OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Many Wenlin users have asked us how they can scan Chinese characters from a printed page and then read them as electronic text. This requires Chinese OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. We have not tested any of these programs, but if you do, we would like to hear what you know about these or other Chinese OCR products. The first one, IRIS (with a necessary "Asian OCR add-on"), was reported by one Wenlin user to work "quite well" on Windows XP; there is also IRIS for MacOS.

  • Iris OCR
  • PenPower

    Links of Interest

    Language Log
    Language Log is one of the most popular linguistics blogs. Many of its posts have to do with language use in the media and popular culture, but topics run the full gamut of language studies. One of Victor H. Mair's specialties on Language Log is "Lost in Translation", but he has also emphasized how technology is affecting Chinese speech and writing.
    Sino-Platonic Papers
    Sino-Platonic Papers is a scholarly monographic series published by the University of Pennsylvania. The chief focus of the series is on the intercultural relations of China and Central Asia with other peoples. The journal was established in 1986 by Victor H. Mair, who remains the editor.
    Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks
    Annotated links to China and Chinese language and linguistics-related web sites. "Chinese linguistics links reflect my own research interest in Chinese dialectology (including Cantonese), phonetics, and phonology, both synchronic and diachronic."
    Some Python helper scripts for Wenlin 3
    By Silas S. Brown at Cambridge University.
    A guide to writing Mandarin Chinese in Pīnyīn by Mark Swofford of Banqiao, Taiwan.
    Chairmans Bao
    The first online simplified Chinese newspaper written by native Chinese speakers in strict accordance with the HSK (National Chinese Proficiency Test) word listings. Each article states the targeted HSK level, whilst also offering clear grammatical explanations, idioms, keywords and spoken audio.
    Hacking Chinese
    Focusing on how to learn rather than what to learn. Everything you need to know about studying Chinese but no-one will tell you.
    Unicode Consortium
    East Asian Language and Thought
    By Charles Muller (Includes on-line dictionaries of Buddhist terms, etc.)
    A Chinese Text Sampler
    Collection of Chinese literature for students, organized by the author of Clavis Sinica.
    Rick Harbaugh's Chinese Character Genealogy
    Web-Based Etymological Dictionary for Learning Chinese Characters -- Amazing!
    An Intelligent Database for Standard Chinese Computer Technology
    Hong Kong Computer Society
    Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants
    Taiwan Ministry of Education

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