Users have praised Wenlin

  • Thank you so much for revolutionizing my ability to learn Chinese. Before I had Wenlin, I used to search for the meaning of a character in various reference books, a laborious process indeed. With Wenlin, the analysis of each character automatically appears on the screen. It is an astonishing example of the ability of a well-designed computer program to eliminate hours of labor.
  • I have found Wenlin to be an excellent programme, exactly what is required for a learner of Chinese. I like especially the cross-referencing of sources to Wieger and Karlgren.
  • I am translating the libretto of a chinese opera and your software is a great and precious tool for me. Many thanks and cheers!
  • I simply love wenlin and thank the whole crew for having invented this valuable tool.
  • I love your program.
  • Wonderful.
  • Great software!
  • I have been using this program at my university for a year already, and I am very excited to have it at home now. Thank you for making such a great program!
  • What a great package. Thank you so much for developing it.
  • I will be singing your praises at every opportunity!
  • A fantastic programme. I will soon increase my level. It is big fun.
  • Love the manual, too.
  • I really like the software. The online dictionary has literally saved me hours of work.
  • For doing research in China and translation work Wenlin is a lifesaver!
  • Very impressive piece of software. Very helpful for studying Chinese.
  • It has been an absolute lifesaver in my Chinese studies, I really don't know how I could have got this far without it.
  • Really liked it.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • This is a great program for learning individual characters.
  • Found the quiz part very helpful in character recognition.
  • Fast access to characters, good character writing examples.
  • It makes the reading go much faster since on the computer you can get the definition right away.
  • The biggest advantage of Wenlin is that it saves a lot of the time that is usually spent looking up unknown or forgotten words in a Chinese reading. (There are definitely other advantages like seeing which words are related to a word you looked up, what the components are, etc.)
  • In some ways, using Wenlin is too easy. I had to stop myself from just looking at the automatic character lookup.
  • User friendly, alternate way to study.
  • Quick easy access to characters, pinyin, definitions, etc.
  • Watching the characters drawn on the screen is very helpful.
  • Very user friendly. I liked the flashcard option and the random questions presented to assist in learning the characters.
  • It's really easy to use and totally comprehensive. It's obvious that a lot of work went into making this program so useful!
  • I liked the instant lookup, the dictionary.
  • Instant lookup! I've always wished it could be this easy!
  • This is a wonderful concept -- thank you!!
  • Especially useful is the program's ability to pronounce the characters. Overall, an excellent program!!


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Prof. Cecilia Chu of U.C. Berkeley has made a review of Wenlin 1.0 available on the Web. (Note: the street address given in that article is no longer valid.)

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